Dosing Information

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Dosing information

The information below is only a guide, and you should consult your physician with any questions.

Tylenol/Acetaminophen can be given every 4-6 hours.  Dosing for infant and children's is below.  Tylenol should not be given under the age of 2 months. Tylenol comes as 160mg/5ml, there are also chewable 80 and 160 mg and suppository (feverall)
Children's Tylenol

Weight               Dosage                                                                  

12lb              2.5ml =  0.5tsp              80mg
18lb              3.75ml = 0.75tsp            120mg
24lb              5ml = 1tsp                    160mg
36lb              7.5ml=1.5tsp                 240mg
48lb              10ml=2tsp                     320mg
60lb              12.5 ml =2.5tsp              400mg
72lb              15ml =3tsp                    480mg
84lb              17.5ml =3.5tsp               560mg
100lb             20ml  =   4 tsp               640mg

Motrin/Advil/Ibuprofen can be given every 6-8 hours.  Dosing for infant and children's is below.  Motrin should not be given under the age of 6 months. Motrin infants comes as 50mg/1.25ml, childrens is 100/5ml, there are also chewable 50 and 100 mg.
Infant              Weight            Children's                 mg
1.875 ml             18lb           3.75ml =0.75 tsp        75mg
2.5 ml                24lb           5ml = 1tsp =             100mg
                        36lb           7.5ml=1.5tsp             150mg
                        48lb           10ml=2tsp                 200mg
                        60lb           12.5 ml =2.5 tsp         250mg
                        72lb           15ml =3tsp                300mg
                        84lb           17.5ml = 3tsp            350mg 
                       100lb           20ml  =4 tsp             400mg

Over the counter cold medicine.  Unfortunately cough and cold medicines have never been proven to work under the age of 6.  Many of these products have been taken off the market recently.  We do not recommend these products or their prescription alternatives under the age 6 because they have not been shown to work and have in some cases been shown to harm children.  Try to get products that treat the symptoms.  I recommend to get a fever reducer tylenol/motrin/advil separate from your cold medicine so the dosing will be correct.  Cough and cold medicines should be given as directed but no more than 3 times a day.   If you want to try these products the below dosing should be safe. Remember that nasal saline and a cool mist humidifier can help with relief.
AGE                                 Dose
0-6 Years                         none
6-9  Years                        1.5 tsp

Benadryl/diphenhydramine.  Benadryl is an excellent medication for allergies, hives, itching and insect bites.  Benadryl comes as 12.5mg/5ml liquid, 12.5 mg chewable and 25 mg tabs. DO NOT USE UNDER THE AGE OF 6 MONTHS. 

Wt                 Dose                          mg
13 lb              1/2 tsp=2.5 ml            6mg
25 lb              1 tsp =5 ml                12.5mg
37.5 lb           1.5 tsp = 7.5 ml          19mg
50 lb              2 tsp = 10ml               25mg
75lb               3 tsp = 15 ml              37.5 mg
100lb             4 tsp =20 ml               50mg 

Allergy Medicines have recently been place over the counter.  If you child has allergies and you would like to try a nonsedating antihistamine you can try as follows.  The 2 main products are Loratadine which is Claritin, Alavert or store brand.  They are all the same so buy what ever is cheapest.  More recently Zyrtec or Ceterizine has also gone over the counter.  This may work better for many people but it does can cause sedation.  These are some starting doses. If you have questions or are not sure if you child has allergies please make an appointment or call the office. 

Age                 Dose Loratadine(Claritin)         Dose Zyrtec

6month                 1/4 tsp                               1/4 tsp

18month               1/2 tsp                                1/2 tsp

3yr                      3/4 tsp                                3/4 tsp       

6yr                       1  tsp   or 5 mg chew            1  tsp or 5 mg chew

12yr                     2   tsp or 10mg tab                2 tsp or 10 mg tab

Mylicon drops for gas
.33 ml every 2-3 hours

Saline and humidifiers
Saline is great for you child's stuffy nose.  You can purchase it over the counter and use it every hour as needed.  Some examples are Ocean Spray, AYR, and Simply Saline.  You can make saline yourself by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of table salt with 8 ounces of water.  You can also use a suction bulb to help eliminate mucus, but if your child fights it do not use it.  We do not recommend topical nasal decongestants as they may cause a rebound congestion.
Also elevating the head of the bed and using a humidifier will help.  We recommend a cool mist humidifier or vaporizer.

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